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Although the artist works mostly with the medium of painting he considers his work to be respectful of tradition and history whilst at the same time wanting to engage with the contemporary art debate. The work focuses on the observation of certain subjects through the means of reinterpretation and simplification. These subjects are positioned to communicate meaning within an alternative background of colour and intuition. This background is made up of interconnected shapes that hint at the urban landscape and the natural world, and are inspired by both pattern design and abstract painting.

When exploring themes the artist often frees himself from limitations and explores  many possibilities for one particular work offering a new context by using different mediums. He sometimes uses collage, graphical techniques, found materials, sculpture, pen and pencil drawings helping a new visual language to emerge.

Taking care of the preparation for the creative process, the artist researches ideas and philosophies, by investigating imagery that may provide a means to make an impact on the viewer. He is influenced by both representational observations and aesthetic gestures to present something that intends to appear as some kind of interface for society. Barnaby Wills graduated from the Fine Arts course at UWE in Bristol in 2005.