Rich Macdonald

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 Rich MacDonald

What it means to be iconic ? Surely it is beyond the scope of mere talent or fame, and includes something that looks much like a top of the human experience. In his series icons , Richard MacDonald lends his own voice to this eternal motion, explore its themes and its people with passion , respect, and intellect. It is an iconic master of his craft , he meets his subjects -one with honesty that only large figurative art has: honesty real me , the real genius and true timelessness.

Richard MacDonald is considered by many to be the world’s preeminent living figurative sculptor. A leading advocate of the neo-figurative movement in the arts, MacDonald’s work has been featured in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions and is represented in important collections worldwide. His art is collected by people from all walks of life – from aspiring aficionados to celebrities and heads of state.
Committed to inspiring future generations of artists, MacDonald is involved with numerous philanthropic pursuits and the development of the arts through mentoring programs and art education in schools and universities. A member of major international social and art associations, MacDonald has received countless awards, honors, and professorships, including recognition by the United States Olympic Committee. He has the privilege of working with some of the greatest dancers and performers in the world, including those from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, American Ballet Theatre, The Royal Ballet, and Cirque du Soleil.
MacDonald believes that beauty connects people and lifts their spirits to a higher level. He has dedicated his career to creating passionate works of art that dramatically enrich the lives of others.