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Jane's objective with every painting, which are all created in oil is to capture not only an accurate image of your horse, dog or other pet, but also his or her personality. To do this, she likes to visit your home or stables to get to know him or her myself, and then work from a collection of photographs taken at the time. If a visit is not possible for any reason, she can still work from photographs supplied by you.

Trained at St. Martins' School of Art, London. Jane specialises in painting a variety of subjects including dogs, horses and other animals, hunting and racing scenes, landscapes and seascapes. Jane has lived in the English countryside for most of her life, and as an owner of horses and dogs, she has a broad working knowledge of the complex and varied forms and functions of these animals and consequently her work has been seen in various equestrian and field sports circles.

Now living on the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border, Jane finds this setting an ideal base for her work.

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