Susan E Ash

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Tending toward “the poetic,  mythical and symbolic,”   Susan E. Ash’s studio practice explores pleasure in the organic world and a sense of universal belonging. Interested in the restorative powers of nature and a unique psychic cavern where animals and trees operate as sentient fellows, these works are deeply layered and of exponential spiritual import. Whether pastel and colored pencil on paper, collage, digital photography, or oil and acrylic on canvas these works are richly colored and cosmically linguistic. Dreamlike and vivid with a current of understated beauty, these paintings and drawings interrogate the cyclical ecologies of living and dying. Compositionally dense and yet free-flowing and polyrhythmic, Ash’s painterly gesture is an expression of embodied sentiment, longing, faith and sacred feminine intuition.

Born in Derby, UK, Susan E. Ash has been painting and drawing since she was a child. She attended Wolverhampton, Exeter College of Art and Westminster University and was involved with the Feminist Art movement in London in the 1970’s. She has exhibited widely in London and currently lives in Devon.   Presently on contract with the Agora Gallery, New York, until October 2014.