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Although based in Sydney, rising star Zoë Durand (nee Zoë Paterson) is represented in New York by Agora Gallery and also in Italy by the Vivid Arts Network.

Her paintings form part of private and also corporate collections throughout Australia and overseas and she has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and New York.

New York Art magazine, ARTisSpectrum says that Zoë's "paintings contain a freshness and immediacy not often seen in the fine art world, as well as a vibrant life force that erupts from the canvas." (Vol 29, p 106). Her work has been covered in various art publications (both magazines and books) and fashion media throughout the United States, South America and Europe, Asia and Australia.

In 2013 Zoë was selected by Malaysian designers Sereni & Shentel for their annual "Artist Series" which involved 5 of her paintings being reproduced on textiles to form the basis of an exclusive capsule collection of headbands. The collaboration received significant media attention and was featured in several Malaysian magazines.

Zoë is guided towards expression through spontaneity, observation and reflection. Images for paintings and words for poems find her during the night and upon waking she feels compelled to give these life. Her poems are not at the time of writing, intended to marry particular paintings, though later she sees a strong echo between them.

In Zoë Paterson’s “Eden” series of paintings and poems, nature is symbolic of one’s inner landscape. Allegorical figures and shadowy woodland creatures move through luxurious canopies of colour, interwoven with sinuous foliage bristling with unspoken temptation, startling revelations and shy desires. Daring, enticing, beckoning – these figures invite us into their mystical, enchanted ways. Zoë’s prayer to know beauty is palpable in both her paintings and her poetry: “Under this veil of time / I would marry the universe / to know the secret truth / of its every beautiful molecule.”

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