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Standing before her easel with brush in hand, Andrea conveys to canvas her innermost joys, fears, thoughts and feelings. 

Andrea was born in Yorkshire, England on the 10th of July 1941 –
a ‘War Baby’.

She began painting in 2001, whilst living in Riga, Latvia, at their National Academy of Art. Her tutor was Professor Aleksjes Naumovs. In 2003 she moved to Bermuda where she continued her studies at the Fine Arts Department of Bermuda College.

Andrea doesn’t have a ‘niche’ style of painting. Her subjects vary depending on where the inspiration takes her; from a flower or a bird, to a clown; from macabre to a serene landscape or a stormy sea.

She paints, mainly, in oils, often textured. she might also use Acrylics, Egg Tempera, Air-Brush and Pastels, reaching out to capture the effect she is after.

Solo & Participated Exhibitions:
Globuss Gallery, Riga, Latvia
Grand Palace Hotel Gallery, Riga, Latvia
Bermuda Society of Art, Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermuda Art Centre, Dockyard, Bermuda
Masterworks Galleries, Botanical Gardens, Bermuda
Kafu Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda
Mall Gallery, London, England
Butterworths Gallery, Bedfordshire, England
Leighton Middle School, Leighton Buzzard, England
Marston Vale Gallery Bedfordshire, England
LB Theatre Gallery Bedfordshire, England
Obsidian Art, Old Risborough, Bucks, England
Letchworth Gallery, Herts. England

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Andrea Helen Carter