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Hi my name is Stacey-Ann Cole and I am a watercolour artist.  I spend a lot of time creating the type of art that I would like to see more of and I especially enjoy painting black women who are embracing their natural selves.  I like to paint big hair and loose, flowing clothes and serene, happy expressions.

My work often has a whimsical, playful quality to it and I love using vibrant colours to delight the viewer. The paintings I create have often been described as pure and innocent as well as expressive, deep and meaningful. 

I am on a mission to encourage women to seek their authenticity and to enjoy the precious little moments that we all sometimes overlook.

I also create to show my daughter that there are images out there that she can relate to and to show my son that he doesn't have to be afraid to do the things that feed his soul.  I try to encourage them both to be who they truly are and share their gifts with the world because someone out there is sure to respond. 

I was once afraid to share my gifts, but I did it and I've never regretted it.