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Aimi's artistic influences came early on in life, my God father, Peter Deighan being an up and coming artist at that time had supplied a vast collection for her family, portraits and still life’s, he became very successful and is still one of her biggest inspirations.

Influences came fast and furious through her life, Van Gogh showed her that magic can be in any mundane object, that the artist creates the beauty. Banksi inspires her to be boundless and that political statements are welcomed into modern society. The working mind of DaVinci, the complexity and genius that went into every painting or invention he created.

Salvador Dali, not only an artist but a rich artist, a man who could make more than a comfortable living form the creation of his own hands and mind.
Lucy Rix is her sister and co artist, always pushing her to up the bar a little. Check out her website too she is excellent.

Aimi knew by age 7 that she wanted more than anything to be an artist. She is a  self taught as she didn't pursue art as career or take it in further education due to becoming a mother immediately after leaving high school. After 25 years of listening to naysayer’s and sceptics she finally decided to be brave, sell her business and buy enough art supplies to create a collection, Aimi hopes you enjoy it.

bgallery are in awe of Aimi Rix and her passion and enthusiasm shines through with each piece she produces.

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