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 Oil Paintings by Kathy Foster

Kathy gained a degree in Fine Art in 2004 and since then has been producing figurative and semi-abstract oil paintings with the theme of our impact on our environment and on those things that are part of it. It is the visual appearance of our human traces that inspires my paintings, inviting reflection on human transience as well as that of the world itself.
A rich source of inspiration comes from ordinary places and everyday objects that may be overlooked, worn or discarded. Subjects include dwellings, old shoes, books, chairs, fences and plastic bags and bottles that parallel human transience, in the sense that they reveal a life ‘lived’ and continuing. Her current theme is the transient beauty of a rose especially when its beauty is fading.
Each painting is a new journey, dictated by her response to the subject. The experimental and accidental are important factors in my work.

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